Software for kiosks

Management software is an integral part of advertising and information kiosks. Our navigation and information kiosks or panels consist of a map base which is drawn as a weighted oriented graph. Selecting a destination can be done by directly searching for the destination name, selecting from a defined subset of destinations (filtering) or direct interaction using the touch map. After selecting a specific destination, you can get an additional information about this destination.


Basic software for interactive kiosks or touch LCD panels. It is used mainly in advertising because of the possibility of setting the background, the length of rotation or dividing the areas of advertising kiosks into various "call to action" elements. Possibility of secure clicks on web interfaces, records of requests via a virtual keyboard and possibility of generating detailed statistics.


Interactive maps for navigation kiosks, including the function of displaying the shortest route to the selected point. Animated transitions between the floor and the full text search engine of business or office units.
Our experienced team of marketing experts, programmers and graphic designers will design and subsequently implement a complete solution based on the client's request.


Application for content management. We will adapt the user-friendly interface to match your needs. You can choose sections for text, image and video changes. One of the features of this application is the ability to schedule updates, manage user groups, permissions, remote monitoring and more.


Solutions for the area of state administration with the possibility of connecting information panels to various file services, electronic official boards and other sources of client data with the possibility of searching and filtering by categories. The main purpose is to ensure that information and documents are kept up to date and that citizens are constantly informed. Emphasis is put on securing content against tampering.


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