LED Screens

The biggest advantage of LED screens is the variability in sizes and high brightness. From individual LED modules you can assemble a large LED wall. LED screens are an ideal medium for advertising messages and presentations, and can be installed indoors and outdoors.

The advent of surface mount technology (SMT) has made it possible to miniaturize individual pixels, dramatically reduce their spacing and increase resolution. Due to this technology, LED screens are in direct competition with projection systems and LCD panels or Video walls. Advertising LED screens are mainly used as modular solutions for sports, outdoor advertising, TV studios or multiplex cinemas.



From individual LED modules you can create any shape and size.


Our LED screens have a wide range of settings including setting a specific backlight at different times.


We offer LED modules with a diode spacing of 1.5mm. Due to this spacing, we are able to get to the lowest possible viewing distance.


We offer a standard 36-month warranty on all our LED screens and digital signage services.


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