Public sector

We offer a wide range of digital signage equipment for the public sector.

We supply information panels, electronic office boards, touch screen kiosks, interactive stands and information boards.

Selection from references

Possible uses

1. Information boards: Digital signage screens can serve as information boards that provide the public with important information about services, events, or announcements.

2. Front-end system: Kiosks can be used to organize queues, which can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

3. Interactive maps and navigation: Digital signage can provide interactive maps and navigation for visitors to public buildings such as town halls, libraries or museums.

4. Feedback and reviews: Kiosks can be used to get feedback from the public, which can help improve services.

5. e-Government services: Digital signage kiosks can provide access to e-government services, allowing the public to complete various administrative tasks electronically.

6. Educational materials: Screens can be used to present educational materials or to provide information on public services and policies.

7. Emergency notices: If necessary, digital signage screens can be used to quickly disseminate emergency notices or warnings to the public.

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