We offer a wide range of digital signage equipment for the gastronomy.

Use digital signage screens and kiosks in your hospitality or restaurant to present your menu,
special offers and promotions, or to streamline the ordering process.

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Possible uses

1. Menu presentation: Digital signage screens and menuboards can be used to display menus with quick and easy updates.

2. Special offers: Kiosks and screens can display daily specials or limited offers to attract customers.

3. Streamline ordering: Digital signage kiosks can allow customers to order and pay for food without the need for a server, speeding up the process and reducing queues.

4. Entertainment and information: Screens can display entertaining content, such as sports matches, or weather and news information, to engage and entertain customers.

5. Interactive maps and navigation: Larger restaurants or complex hospitality facilities can use digital signage to provide interactive maps and navigation for guests.

6. Feedback and reviews: Satisfacition rating kiosks can be used to get feedback from customers, which can help improve service.

7. Promotion of events and promotions: Digital signage screens can be used to promote upcoming events or promotions such as theme nights, musical performances or special events.

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