Software and device control

Manage digital content, data and the device itself.
All through a web interface. From anywhere.

Content management system

Manage content, devices and analyse results. Or leave it to us!

Kiosk software

We design, develop, test and deploy customized software according to your needs.

Navigation system

We offer software for touchscreen navigation kiosks to help your customers navigate.

Content Management System

Manage digital content, data and devices themselves.


Uploading and creation

Upload your images, videos, texts and other formats to your device.

Multi-zone display

Display different types of content in different areas of the screen.


Set your own schedule for displaying different types of content.


Integration of external sources

Link the system to your social networks, website or database.

Reporting & analysis

Receive detailed reports and analysis on the effectiveness of your advertising.


Automate repetitive operations and save maintenance time.



Monitor device status in real time and detect potential problems.


The system keeps you informed about the detection status of the device.


The system allows remote device manipulation.

Tailor-made software

We create solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

If you have a specific requirement, we will prepare a customized software for you. Our offer is therefore very flexible and we will always find a way to your goal.