We offer a wide range of digital signage equipment for entertainment.

Our touch screens and kiosks offer interactive games, motion games and are also suitable for art installations, entertainment and education.

Selection from references

Possible uses

1. Interactive games: Touch screens can be used to create interactive games for children. These games can be educational, entertaining or both. They can also be tailored to respond to children’s specific needs or interests.

2. Virtual Reality: Kiosks can be equipped with virtual reality technology that allows users to explore different scenes or environments. This can include exploring cities, museums, animal parks and other locations.

3. Motion games: Kiosks can be equipped with motion sensors that allow users to play games using body movements. This can include dance games, sports games, fighting games, and more.

4. Interactive art installations: Kiosks can be used to create interactive art installations. This can include digital paintings, sculptures, or other forms of art that users can explore and interact with.

5. Information Kiosks: Kiosks can be used to provide information about local attractions, events, restaurants, and other points of interest. This information can be customized to respond to specific user needs or interests.

6. Educational Kiosks: Kiosks can be used to create interactive educational experiences. This can include learning about history, science, math, geography, and other subjects.

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