Stores and retail

We offer a wide range of digital signage equipment for shops and retail.

Thanks to interactivity, they present information and advertisements with elegance and efficiency.
When placed in public spaces, they improve service, promote sales and reinforce the brand.

Selection from references

Possible uses

1. Advertising and promotion: Digital signage can be used to showcase new products, special offers or discounts. Due to its dynamic nature, this information can be easily and quickly updated through the CMS system.

2. Interactive shopping experience: Interactive kiosks can allow customers to browse product catalogues, read reviews and even order products directly from the kiosk. This can increase sales and improve the customer experience.

3. Store navigation: Digital signage devices can also be used to provide maps and directions to help customers navigate the store.

4. Product information: Screens can provide detailed product information such as specifications, pricing, availability, etc.

5. Improving queues: Digital signage devices can be used to display queue numbers, which can improve queue management and customer experience.

6. Brand communication: Stores can use digital signage to reinforce their brand by displaying content that aligns with their brand identity and values.

7. Data collection: Digital signage systems can collect data on customer behavior, which can then be analyzed and used to improve marketing strategies and customer experience.

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