We offer a wide range of digital signage equipment for the healthcare industry.

Use digital signage screens and kiosks in your healthcare or care facility to improve patient information, navigation, queue organisation and communication.

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Possible uses

1. Information source: digital signage kiosks can be used as interactive information resources for patients and visitors, providing details of doctors, treatments, waiting times and other relevant information.

2. Navigation: This can include maps, directional arrows and other visual instructions to help people navigate easily.

3. Education: screens can be used to educate patients and their families about various medical conditions, treatments, and preventive measures. This can include videos, presentations, and infographics.

4. Communication: digital signage devices can be used to improve communication between healthcare staff and patients. This may include displaying messages, alerts and other important information.

5. Waiting: screens can be used to improve the waiting experience by providing entertainment, information or relaxing content. This may include television programs, movies, games, and more.

6. Reminders and Alerts: Digital screens can be used to display reminders and alerts to patients and staff. This may include reminders for medications, alerts for schedule changes, or other important information.

7. Healthy Lifestyle Promotion: Screens can be used to promote healthy lifestyles and preventative measures. This can include information on healthy eating, exercise, smoking cessation, and other topics.

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