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What is digital signage?

Imagine being able to communicate with your customers through dynamic visual messages that can be instantly updated and tailored to your needs.

Product type

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LCD screens

Thin displays using liquid crystals to display images. They are more common and have smaller formats. Learn more arrow small
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LED screens

They use light emitting diodes to display the image. They are very bright and have high contrast. Learn more arrow small
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Interactive stands with conventional or touch digital screens. Learn more arrow small


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Indoor devices offer a wider configuration and the addition of peripherals. They offer protection against damage from customers. They can be equipped with wheels and thus be relocatable. The screens can then be suspended from ceilings on threaded rods.
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Outdoor equipment can withstand all conditions. From wind and snow, to rain, to extremely low and high temperatures. They are equipped with dust filters. Their screens provide a clear and legible image even in direct sunlight.

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