A reliable partner in digital communication

Since 2008 we have been installing and remotely managing
screens and digital solutions across Europe.

Tailored solutions for all sectors

We create and implement digital solutions for B2B and B2C across all sectors around the world.

Digital signage solution

We deliver, create, and remotely manage any content to any display devices you can imagine.

LCD Screens and Video Walls

Advertising LCD panels with displays from liquid crystals and powerful LED backlight are the most visible element of advertising and information systems.

LCD Screens

Professional LCD screens are widely use due to a choice of sizes, brightness and 24/7 operation.

Video walls

Sets of LCD panels can be assembled into compact units – video walls. Due to its flexibility, video walls are being used across various sectors and companies.


LED panels

The biggest advantage of LED screens is the variability in sizes and high brightness. From individual LED modules you can assemble a large LED wall. LED screens are an ideal medium for advertising messages and presentations, and can be installed indoors and outdoors.

LED screens

LED screens are an ideal medium for advertising messages and presentations, and can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Digital LED panels

Digital LED panels are now widely used for many events. They have replaced standard pull-up banners at airports, sports venues, in stores and many other places.

Digital racks

The Digital Advertising Panel will promote an advertising message at the point of sale to a premium standard.

Advertising and information kiosks

A simple and attractive way to navigate or provide information for visitors. Ideal solution for shopping centers, zoos, hotels and other public spaces.

Advertising and information touch panels

D-Touch series interactive touch panels for advertising and information purposes.


Thanks to our navigation systems, customers can find their final destination more easily.

Digital sanitation

Our touch-free digital sanitation units are ideal for any open space and entrances to keep everyone safe.


An integral part of every hardware – advertising panels and information kiosks – is also control software.

We have developed our own software applications for digital signage solutions.


Control Management System.

Maps & Navigation

Customized maps data and navigation systems.

Kiosk software

Software for information and advertising kiosks.

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