Assess digital design for effective communication


The digital world is constantly moving forward. Not only are there new and modern digital media in the world, but the emphasis today is on original and immersive digital content. This can include infographics, videos, moving presentations, menuboards and more. Screens and kiosks are thus becoming the medium and despite the importance of their quality, the primary impression of the ad is the content being played. That’s why we’re going to give you some tips to help you see where your content stands.

As part of our services, we create this digital content for you.

  1. Good readability from a distance:
    • Create content with consideration for various screen sizes and devices.
    • Choose appropriate fonts and font sizes to ensure easy readability, even on smaller displays.
    • Verify that the contrast between text and background allows for easy reading in different lighting conditions.
  2. Good readability on the given device:
    • Optimize content for various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
    • Test the responsiveness of the design to ensure that the content adapts to different screens and resolutions.
  3. Consistency with the brand:
    • Adhere to graphic standards and brand guidelines.
    • Use consistent colors, fonts, and design elements to make the content easily identifiable with the brand.
  4. Simplicity:
    • Avoid overloading content with unnecessary information.
    • Choose a simple and understandable design that allows users to quickly grasp the content.
  5. Too many animations and moving elements:
    • Limit the use of animations and moving elements to avoid distracting users.
    • Ensure that animations make sense and contribute to the user experience rather than disrupting it.
  6. Incorrect text messaging:
    • Ensure clear and understandable messaging.
    • Verify that the text content aligns with the goals and needs of the target audience.
  7. Unnecessarily complex content:
    • Create content that is accessible and understandable for a wide audience.
    • Avoid excessive complexity in expression and content structure to make it easily consumable.

Overall, digital content should be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and effective in communicating messages or information. When creating digital content, it is important to continually consider the needs of users and optimize the content for the best possible user experience.